Sunday, January 5, 2014

December Daily Final 2013

Well, I finally finished my December Daily.  Check it out in the video below.

As usual I lost it around the 15th.   I just get super busy, every year.  I was still taking pictures and editing them, but I wanted to spend time with my family instead of scrap booking.  That is what truly matters to me during the holidays.

So, I am super excited for you to see my full December Daily in video form.  Santa brought me a new tripod and I have been busy putting it to use, in video as well as photos.

I finished the month out on December 25th because that is usually when I finish out my scrap-booking year.  I usually start my January Project Life and layouts on New Years Eve, and this year was no exception.

I added some pages into the 25th.  I did this by making a folder the size of my page, then gluing the back of the folder down onto my page.  This gave me plenty of room to add those fun Christmas morning photos.

Next year is going to be another short holiday season, is it me or did they move Thanksgiving to the last week in November, anyway I think I may go back to a pocket style December Daily. I love this format but it became somewhat cumbersome and difficult to lay flat.  I will be standing it up on this year’s holiday table as a décor piece.  

Stay tuned I have a ton of scrapping coming up as well as some art journaling…

Happy Near Year

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