Monday, December 16, 2013

December Daily 14 and 15

I seem to be back on track. I just hope the hustle and bustle doesn’t distract me again.  But I do have a ton to do before Christmas is here so I will be planning my days very carefully.  Here are days 14 and 15 for you to enjoy.

Something I would suggest you to do in your projects is to include your social media activities.  On day 14 I did this with Ferdinando; my friends on Facebook helped me name him.

 Next, on day 15, I journaled about the holiday movies we have been watching.  I couldn’t just stop the movie and snap a photo of us watching it, so I included an image of the movie poster and a journaling card.  You don’t always have to have a personal photo to invoke your holiday memories.

 Well the front half of my accordion album is complete, it is time to flip it and start the second half. Stop by in a couple of days and I will show you the back cover.


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