Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Daily 8 and 9

Yess!  I’m still trucking along on my December Daily.  The actual scrapbook part of this project is not the difficult part, but the blogging part is.  I am trying hard to bring you good content, and good photography.  Today I made a make shift light box out of poster board and masking tape.  


First I cut poster board into four 12 X 12 sheets.  I lined them up like an upside down “T”, with a base piece in the center.  Then I taped the sides that touch the base piece, to the base piece.  Now you have a base with three side flaps. Finally I brought the side flaps up and taped them to each other.  And voila, you have a light box.

I put this on my dining room table right in front of a sunny window and it gives me great natural light.  I snapped the following images in the light box and was very pleased.  These are the first images I really feel comfortable showing you.  I will be shoring up the sides of the box with more tape, so the edges are less noticeable.

Here are my pages for days eight and nine. 

Page eight is another interactive page.  We shopped for, and put up our Christmas tree on day eight, so there were a lot of shots taken that day. 

I laid out all of my pictures and mats.  I glued a magnet on the top mat, and then glued down all the pictures between a length of string.  I attached the other side of the magnet to my page, as well as the end of my string. Finally I covered the magnet and string left on the page with a cute die cut.

And here is a shot of page nine.  You will notice some ripped paper at the top of the page.  This happened when I was creating the book.  I put too much wet glue on the base mat and it oozed out, which glued my pages together.   I should know better, always wipe away excess glue.

I hope you are enjoying this project as much as I am.  I also hope my instructions are clear.
Please let me know...


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