Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily 2 and 3

With day two and three complete, I wanted to share with you how I put everything together, as well as my process as we journey through this month long project. As you know form my previous post, I made a paper bag mini.  After I made the mini I scrounged through my embellishment, and Christmas bins to find all of the bits and pieces to make my project come to life.  I grabbed a cute basket and loaded it up; it now sits on my desk so that everything I need is with in an arm’s reach.


Here are page two and three.  I still love the Instagram platform; however I’m not happy with using it on my blog posts.  I will probably work on bringing you some better pictures of my project.


So far it has been easy documenting the day to day stuff.  I am sort of planning my pictures in advance.  I knew I had dance practice on the 2nd and an award ceremony on the 3rd.  But I can also see that there are some boring days to come.


On these two days I put my photos on tags to give these pages a little bit of interaction.  That does help get the “reader” through the days that are less holiday related and more day to day.

Stay tuned for days four and five, and also I will walk through the construction of my album.


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