Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily 6 and 7

Yay!! Another two days are complete.  The covers to this album were quite simple to make.  I used chipboard and cut it ½ inch taller than my book and a full inch wider, to allow my tags to stick out. 

Glue the open bag part of the cover flaps closed.  Then glue to the chip board, Once you apply paper over it you are done.  

Repeat on the other side and your covers are complete.  This binds the book, and now you have a lovely accordion flap album.

Here are pages six and seven.  I am still working on bringing you better pictures of my project.  This time I tried a black background.  I really don’t like the way they turned out.  Next I want to try to fashion my own light box.  We will se how that works out.

Page seven had a lot of pictures as it was a busy day.  I used the side tag that I originally made with the album.

I also made an accordion pullout on the page.   It made another great interactive element for my family to look at.

Stay tuned, I will bring you more December Daily and I will continue to try to give better images too.


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